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Welcome Message

Dear BNCT colleagues:

It’s my greatest pleasure to welcome all of you to join the first Academic meeting of Taiwan’s Society of Neutron Capture Therapy, TSNCT (Also combined with the 8th trilateral BNCT meeting) which will be held on December 5th, 2015 in San-Xia New Taipei City, Taiwan.

It is very important that in the recent years the communication between Japan and Taiwan’s BNCT societies gets stronger and stronger by regular mutual meetings with each other. Both Japan and Taiwan have been excellent research achievement in BNCT. We hope to last this important tradition. As the President of the Society, I would like to invite you to attend this conference sincerely.

This time, we try to hold this important meeting in a beautiful place, Dabangan Great Roots Forestry SPA Resort. We hope the participants can enjoy not only the academic communication but also the beautiful scenery of this famous forest park in Taiwan. With your attending and bilateral exchange and communication, we will make this conference stimulating, enjoyable and memorable.

We look forward to welcoming you in Taiwan!


President of TSNCT

Sang-Hue Yen, MD
Chair, Department of Oncology
Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Tel: 886-2-28757270-248; Fax: 886-2-28749425
Email: shyen@vghtpe.gov.tw


Meeting Information

December 5th (Sat), 2015

Conference Room (酒店區2樓 / 麗泉廳) ,  
Great Roots Forestry SPA Resort

To reinforce the relationship between Taiwan’s and Japan’s BNCT society.

Registration Fee:
500 NTD for participant without TSNCT membership (Each participant will receive a conference package that includes: Abstract Book, Luncheon coupon and Gala Dinner coupon)
On-site TSNCT membership application is encouraged.

Gala Dinner
Restaurant of Great Roots Forestry SPA Resort,  酒店區B1 /麗宴中餐廳
http://www.dabangan.com.tw/dining/chinese.php  (Chinese Cuisine)

Taiwan Society of Neutron Capture Therapy (TSNCT)

http://www1.vghtpe.gov.tw/drug/images/vgh_drug.jpg Department of Oncology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
  Nuclear Science & Technology Development Center, National Tsing-Hua University
http://www.sintong.com/images/top01.gif Taiwan Biotech Co Ltd.
Genhealth Pharma 
  Japan’s Society of Neutron Capture Therapy (JSNCT)
http://www.tastro.org.tw/DB/News/file/169-1.JPG Taiwan Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology; TASTRO

Organization Office (Secretariat of TSNCT)
Department of Oncology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
TEL: 886-2-28757270-299
FAX: 886-2-28749425
Address: No 201, Sec 2, Shih-Pai Rd, Taipei City, Taiwan, Republic of China 
E-Mail: taiwan.bnct@gmail.com

Executive Board of TSNCT 2015
  • President: Sang-Hue Yen
  • Secretary General : Yi-Wei Chen
  • Secretary assistant: Hui-Hsien Lin
  • Councilors: Yu-Ming Liu, Ko-Han Lin, Ching-Sheng Liu, Fong-In Chou, Jinn-Jer Peir, Ling-Wei Wang,
    Po-Shen Pan, Yi-Jang Lee, Yuan-Hao Liu, Ming-Hua Hsu.
  • Chief Supervisor: Shiang-Huei Jiang
  • Supervisors: Hsin-Ell Wang, Pin-I Huang

Information for Presentation:
Presentation time for:
1). Keynote speech: 30 minutes, including discussion
2). Common speech: 20 minutes, including discussion
(In order to follow the schedule accordingly, all speakers are asked to finish the talk on time.)

Preparation for presentation slides: Windows 7 is the only operation system available for the conference.

You could use your own laptop but please set it up prior the presentation.

For Microsoft user, please make the presentation slides in PowerPoint format (version after 2007).
Please transfer your file to the conference laptop 30 minutes before your presentation. (TSNCT staff will assist you with this matter.) To be noted, the name of the file should follow the following format: 『speaker full name (in 漢字)』, For example, 『福山 雅治』.

TSNCT takes the intellectual property issue seriously, and will permanently remove all the files provided by the speakers after the conference. If you have any concern, please contact our staff.

For Macintosh user, please prepare your Mac laptop and the adaptor for the presentation.
Thank you for all of your cooperation. Please contact our staff for any technical assistance.     

All invited speakers have to sit at the pre-organized seat 10 minutes before your presentation. The speaker will be alarmed by the bell ring 5, and 3 minutes before the time is due.

If you have any query about the presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact the conference organization office. We will be delighted to provide any necessary assistance.


Transportation Information

Resort Map